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Please Read Carefully Before You Submit Your Application.

  • Strictly prohibited to engage any other type of paid or unpaid work apart from the profession mentioned in your visa application during your visit
  • Do not interfere in the internal affairs of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and Applicant shall abide by the laws of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
  • Any kind of laws, rules and regulations of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar by visitor not acceptable. Legal action will be taken who does during visit.
  • Applicant should not be travel to any restricted areas without seeking prior permission from authority.
  • The approval letter is not valid more than 90days from date of issue.
  • If any how your application is rejected, no reason will be showed or cannot be requested.
  • For regular tourist visa service processing time is 2 working days (Myanmar time), excluding weekends and any official Myanmar public holidays.
  • For express tourist visa service processing time is 24 hours and available 365 days a year.
  • There is not refund for any visa service fees and other charges in any circumstances.
  • After you submission, we will review you application that are you eligible for visa or not. if you are eligible for visa , a payment invoice will send for payment, please pay that invoice.
  • In all cases, your application processing time start after payment confirmation.
  • Any other question that are not included here, please email us for more details before you submit application for over confirm.
  • Very very carefully about your email address. All kind of information, payment invoice and approved visa copy send your email.
  • Strictly you have to stay at registered hotel, motel, inn, guest house, or resort. Any kind of friends address or home address note acceptable for visa. If you don’t have booking you can choice no so we will do hotel booking on behalf of your name.
  • Please enter your all information carefully.
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