How to Get a Singapore visa in Russia?

How to Get a Singapore visa in Russia?

How to Get a Singapore visa in Russia?

Anyone who is Russian Citizen or Russian passport holder need a visa to visit Singapore. If you are in Russia or outside out Russian it doesn’t matter. You can apply in two way for  Singapore visa.

  • Physical visa submission:

    You can apply by visit physically nearest visa consultee /embassy. You have to submit all the documents physical and maybe you need to face an interview for a visa. you can get more details about physically visa submission for singapore in russia by clicking here.
  • Online visa submission:

    Singapore gives a very good opportunity for the visitor to get the visa very easily. Singapore makes groups of countries list for more easily provide visa. There is level-I and level-II, Russia in level-I country which means any Russian can get very easily visa with very fewer document. You have to just apply with submit some documents and pay fees, that’s all, you will get electronic visa copy at your mail. In one word its call evisa/e-Visa or online visa .

How to get online Singapore visa by applying with Evisasubmission provides very professional visa service to any client. You can submit your visa application with very easy 3-steps.

  • Fill up the application form: Fill up the information need for apply visa like name, address, passport no, nationality etc. choice you preferable service. evisasubmission provide 2 types of service.
    • Regular Service

      – get your visa within 3-4 working days
    • Express Service

      – get your visa within 1-2days ( include holidays and weekend)

  • Pay Visa Fees: Depends on the type of service you have to pay visa fees for further process.
  • Get your visa approval: after payment confirmation, you will get your visa as per your selected service.

Required Documents: As per Russian is a level- I country, need to submit very less number of documents.

  • Color passport copy.
  • Recent color photo
  • Hotel reservation
  • Inbound & outbound ticket to Singapore.
  • 14A Form.

Please Note that Singapore immigration asking for handwriting 14A form’s scanned copy. You can download 14A form by clicking here. Then you have to print 14A Form & fill have in handwriting. Then scan it and upload at Form application section.

You will get the option to upload all the documents need in form fill up page.

Visa Fees:

For any Russian Citizen or Russian passport holder payment list below:

  1. Regular Service: 75$
  2. Express Service: 120$
Extra service:

You need to confirm inbound & outbound air ticket and paid hotel voucher. If you are not confirming that or confused before you get the visa. You can take that service form us.

  1. Air Tickets: 5$
  2. Hotel Booking: 5$

You can also apply for Vietnam and Myanmar visa by You can submit an Effortless and easy online visa submission with us. For any other query click here. You can directly apply by  click here.

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