Top 7 do’s and don’ts when you are visiting in Tukey

Top 7 do’s and don’ts when you are visiting in Tukey

Top 7 do’s and don’ts when you are visiting in Tukey

In one word turkey is a historical, natural and beautiful country.  With very nice culture and religious views, you must concern some do’s and don’ts, Which make your trip much more enriching. Turkey has a long history and untouched nature make it to places to visit. The online visa system (e-Visa) by the Turkish government make it easier to travel turkey.

Let talk about 7 do’s and don’ts

  • Dress up Appropriately:

AS turkey is a Muslim country, women must cover their knees and shoulder, if you are visiting any mosque, must remove your shoes and have to cover yourself by cloth. Always try to wear a full body covered dress. if you wear any short type dress, might be they don’t you told anything but it’s totally opposite of turkey tradition. And as a real tourist, you must be respected and follow any countries tradition when you visit that place.

  • Respect the month of Ramadan:
  • Ramadan is the most honorable month in Islamic calendar, as a Muslim country, Turkish people also follow that. In this month they are fasting for the whole month, As per Islamic law, they don’t take any food or water from sunrise to sunset. So at this time please avoid eating publicly during the day time. It’s another sign of respect them.

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  • Learn some Turkish words help you a lot:
  • Learn some very basic but every day using word help you to very much  like:

    Help – Imdat

    Yes –Evet

    No- Hayir

    It will help you in daily live to a conversation with local people.

    • Don’t an argument with local about football:

    They are very much sensitive about their sport, don’t discuss or try to win about football.

  • Don’t Buy stones or any fossils:
  • Turkey is a cultural artifact and by Turkish law, it’s illegal to export, People’s try to sell it to you, probably you will feel wonderful and convinced for buying illegal or fake items, don’t do that cause being on the safe side it better.

  • Visit a hammam, A Turkish bath:
  • This is another attraction or turkey. Hammam is a Turkish bath style, try once to experience new bath style.

  • Don’t take pictures of local without permission:
  •   Some of the local people are afraid on camera, don’t take pictures of any woman wearing hijab or in praying condition or any military issues. Always take permission when you taking local people’s photo.

    Your eyes will be stuck when you see the beauty of turkey. You can find 100 of visit able place in turkey.

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    Here is few of them:

    1. Kabak Bay
    2. Patara
    3. Princes’ Island
    4. Cappadocia
    5. Hagia Sofia
    6. Mount Nemrut
    7. Grand Bazaar
    8. Ottomania
    9. Istanbul
    10. Marmaris
    Turkey E-visa, Turkey Online Visa, evisa for turkey
    Turkey E-visa, Turkey Online Visa, evisa for turkey
    So why you wait,

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